A DVD About The Chaplaincy…

 Over the years, we have promoted our presence and work by various publicity means; including brochures, magazines and speaking engagements.  Of course, the best means of communication remains the “word of mouth” by which people are invited to share our community life.

We are exploring the possibility of having a DVD produced that gives a visual witness about the various dimensions of our Chaplaincy’s presence.  This will be an extraordinary initiative that will be paid for by our Capital Projects Fund.  Copies of the DVD will be given to our membership, and the matter will be considered at our AGM on May 18th.   The work and cost involved may prove to be prohibitive, but the initiative is worthy of exploration.  Does anyone know of an enterprise that could do this for us?   If so, please contact Fr. Kevin on :-

02 41 59 97 50   or via the contact page