MASSES & SERVICES for the Chaplaincy.


AT LA CHAPELLE in Doué en Anjou.  From the month of March until the end of August there will be a Mass at Notre Dame de la Chapelle on every Sunday of each month (except April 19th) at 11 am.  There are extra services for Holy Week 20120  Maundy Thursday (April 9th) Mass of the Last Supper at 7.30 pm and on Good Friday (April 10th) Way and Veneration of the Cross at 3 pm.  An Easter Octave Mass will be celebrated in Bocé on Sunday April 19th at 11 am.


MASS AT NOTRE DAME DE LA CHAPELLE is offered on the first Sunday of each month from the month of September until the end of the year.  A Carol Service will be celebrated at Bocé on December 20th at 11 am.  Christmas Day Mass will be offered at 11 am on December 25th.




La Chapelle Alter


Throughout the Jubilee Year at the entrances of our centres at La Chapelle and at Bocé, by the holy water stoops, will be a frame that contains the following prayer:

Lord, make the door of this church wide enough to receive all who need human love and fellowship, narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and strife. Make its threshold smooth enough to be no stumbling block to children, nor to straying feet. Make this house a house of prayer and a gateway to your Kingdom.

With this leaflet, you will find a booklet, issued by Pope Francis, that explains in more detail what the year is about and a prayer card containing prayers with Our Lady. This is fitting for Notre Dame de la Chapelle (Our Lady of the Chapel) is our Chaplaincy patroness.



The title by which we were first known in the New Testament , before we became called "Christians", was 'Followers of the Way'. (Acts 9.2: 11.26) It was a title probably derived from Jesus' claim in John's gospel to be "The Way, the Truth and the Life." (14.6) This ancient title implies that we are engaged on a journey through life and sees our purpose in life as making that pilgrimage so that we ultimately arrive in the eternal and merciful presence of God.
It is little wonder that making a pilgrimage to special holy places became a popular devotional practise in the life of the Church. During this Year of Mercy our attention is drawn to the many journeys that occur in the story of God's love for us as revealed in our yearly work of worship. Here are some that will feature in our observance of the Year of Mercy



Mary and Joseph travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem for taxation purposes, and in this context the love of God was supremely manifested in the birth of Jesus. Shepherds leave their flocks by night to go to Bethlehem and wise men travel from the east to pay their homage. The holy family then fled to Egypt to seek refuge from the wrath of Herod. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for us to journey to Bethlehem spiritually and feel the presence of God's merciful love in our lives.

Sunday. December 13th. CAROL SERVICE AT BOCE. 11 am.
Thursday. December 24th. CHRISTMAS EVE MASS AT BOCE. 8 pm.
Friday. December 25th. CHRISTMAS DAY MASS AT LA CHAPELLE. 11am


The week begins with a journey, as Jesus makes his way from Bethany to Jerusalem. This is commemorated on Palm Sunday, March 20th in La Chapelle at 11 am. During this service we take up our palm crosses and follow him. The journey theme returns on Good Friday, March 25th, when at 3 pm we follow the Way of the Cross at La Chapelle. We also will have a communal celebration of Reconciliation on this special day when Jesus showed us the depth of his love for us, and when we can make our peace with God.

Try to be present at some or all of these observances that form some of our spiritual works of mercy: which are to counsel the doubtful, convey knowledge, be aware of our sins, comfort the afflicted, forgive offences, bear wrongs patiently and pray for the living and dead.
In this Jubilee year, our Chaplaincy will also be paying attention to the corporal works of mercy: which are to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, house the homeless, visit the sick, support those unjustly judged, and bury the dead. These are the traditional Christian works of mercy. Try to devote some of your time personally to one or more of these activities, as they are appropriate to your life, and offer them to God.
Collectively, the Chaplaincy devotes part of its annual income to charitable purposes. Nominations are therefore invited for causes that reflect our observance of the corporal works of Mercy