THE CHURCH OF NOTRE DAME DE LA CHAPELLE in Doué La Fontaine was designated in 2003, by the Bishop of Angers and the Curé of Doué, in whose parish we work, to care for the English speaking community within the Diocese of Angers.

St Thomas More Statue









In 2006, an official decree was issued establishing the Chaplaincy. 

The pastoral ministry of the Chaplaincy includes providing services for English speaking people, who are resident in the area, along with those who have second homes and visitors on holiday in our region.  The Chaplaincy also provides help to other parishes and chapels in the Diocese where a bilingual service is required: ,particularly Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.

In 2009, we have made arrangements and circulated publicity to develop our work by establishing a new satellite community in the north at Bocé.  Masses ceased to be provided there in 2019.  The Chaplain, Fr. Kevin, technically retired in May 2017.  However permission was given by the appropriate authorities for him to continue to provide the Word and Sacraments for the Chaplaincy in retirement.

The patron saints of the Chaplaincy are Our Lady and St. Thomas More (1477-1535), sometime Chancellor of England, lawyer, statesman, scholar, and the author of Utopia.