Food for Thought ... a reflection

Before the days when western European secular society became de-Christianized, Sunday used to be known as a day of rest.  Observing the day as such was associated with the divine image that we possess, when God rested from  creative activity on the seventh day.   Amidst all the turmoil of work, self-gratification, social upheaval and stress around us; the Church always claimed this day to be special and Jesus still warmly invites us to bring to him our weariness and burdens on this day of rest.  Are we weary of the relentless pressures that make demands upon us or trying to bring up a family in a godless society?  Are we weary of coping with ill-health in ourselves or others?  Are we burdened by guilt for past or persistent sin in our lives of which our conscience is afraid?  Are we burdened by hurts and resentments from past experiences?  

No burden is too heavy for our Saviour, no sin too shameful or embarrassing to him because he gave his life willingly on the cross that we might be set free, comforted and healed of all that prevents us from living the new life he came to bring us.  In exchange for our burdens, Jesus offers us his rest.  That does not mean idleness or passivity; rather it is a prayerful recognition in faith of who Jesus is and what he has done for us.  Sunday, the day of rest, is an opportunity for all who bear the name of Christian to express that faith.

(substantially extracted from Bible Alive, July edition 2014, p.37.)