Something to think about

For the past eleven years, I have been dutiful in trying to make sure that our Chaplaincy has a regular routine associated with our work of worship.  For the most part, this works quite well; although we appreciate that we will never be a large community numerically and support varies during the year.  On occasions, however, one can get very disappointed when our numbers drop to very low figures.  This hardly justifies the time and effort one puts into making sure that our provision is qualitative and dignified as befits the glory of God.  

Please do not treat the Church’s worship like catching a bus – if I miss a service it does not matter, there will be another one later on!    The bottom line for us all is that if we do not use the provision that is made, then we will lose what is offered.  So if you can, be present. Of course, we realise that people have legitimate reasons for being absent from time to time.

The principle is simple.  Every week God gives us seven full days of life and living; surely some time can be spared to register appreciation for that gift.  Worship offered to God, therefore, expresses our worthship.  This is particularly true at Christmas.  I hope that the forthcoming Christmas season will bring you joy and happiness, but do not forget to go to church and wish Jesus “Happy Birthday”!