Modern Trends

Without doubt, the Christian faith appears to have lost a lot of ground in Europe over the past fifty or so years.
For the Catholic Church, but not exclusively so, we have had a crisis point over the disgraceful behaviour of some of
its priests and a penitential posture is now rightly appropriate. Remarkably, we have not seen the rise of Communism
nor indeed the triumph of Capitalism, which has had a difficult time with the banking crisis; and the world of political
systems seems to be highly suspect. In England, and other parts of Europe, the systemic corruption that permeates
government and parliament has tarnished the respect once held by our politicians. There is also dissatisfaction being
expressed with our system of law, that so often appears to punish the innocent rather than protect them from the guilty.
More recently, we have experienced the exposure of an unhealthy symbiosis between the press in England and its influential
control of government and its payments to the police. It is a bit like living in a vacuum, is it not?