THE PURSUIT OF “relevance” in the life of the Christian Church is a futile quest: and yet we are constantly being encouraged to be “relevant”. Usually it implies that, for example, the clergy have to embrace all the world values as part of their evangelism; that we stop looking like clergy and sartorially garb ourselves in beads, beards, sandals, and float around looking “with it”. Frankly I would prefer to be “without it”, thank you! Philosophically the question should be, “relevant” to whom or what?
I CAN THINK OF ONLY ONE REFERENCE POINT in terms of relevance for the Christian, and that is our relationship with God. After my homily on Trinity Sunday last, it was mentioned how much food for thought I had given to the faithful. My point was very simple. I reminded people that our holy God is “utterly other” and frankly he does not need us, though we need him. Any revelation we receive is part of his graceful gift – just as our life is. Once we appreciate this it places our understanding on a very different footing to what many perceive these days. For example, when we attend church we are not doing God favours as many appear to think; rather we are entering a context of worship and reaching out to him in the beauty of holiness.
THE BIRTH OF JESUS AT CHRISTMAS is one of those events when God chose to get in touch with us in a very human way. With the shepherds and the men of wisdom we reverently make our journey to Bethlehem to simply worship God in man, made manifest.
MAY YOU HAVE A HOLY AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS and experience many blessings in the year of Our Lord 2018.